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The Value of Personal Advice

Our research is designed to support you in providing personal advice tailored to each client's personal circumstances. Products vary in their wording across all benefits and these variations may, or may not, be relevant to your client's individual circumstances.

For example Offset provisions in Disability Income products vary widely in terms of "what" and "how".

"What" other income will be offset can vary from none to all other income.

"How" this other income is treated can vary from no benefit being paid if the insured is entitled to certain other income to there being no reduction in the monthly benefit payable if the same source of other income is received.

The information provided in a fact find allows to you assess the impact that offsets might have on each client. Where the client has no other current or expected sources of other income the impact of offset provisions may not be relevant. Where a client has significant accumulated sick, annual and long service leave the offset provisions will be critical in determining if the client would be paid a monthly benefit, and how much.

All of our research services are uniquely designed to allow you to research and compare every aspect of a contract when selecting products to recommend and provide genuine, individually tailored, personal advice.

Our eDEXX service provides subscriber access to DEXX&R online research tools. There are three options available:

  • Risk Product Research;
  • Super & Investment Product Research; and
  • Combined Risk and Super & Investment Product Research.
  • *access to all Risk and Super & Investment research tools listed below

We cover all Retail and Super Risk Benefits

Our Risk Research service covers all Retail Risk products and all Risk benefits available in Retail, Industry, Corporate and Public Sector Super Funds.


We provide tools that allow you to research the market at the level you prefer, from Product Summary style comparisons through to an in-depth view of the exact PDS or Policy document wording.


Our product comparison tools provide unique functionality that highlights the differences between each feature, benefit and definition included in the selected products.

Select what to compare

For each comparison you select the items to be included in the comparison based on your assessment of what is relevant to each client.

Easily Identify Differences

In our "existing and proposed" product comparison report our side by side product comparisons highlight the differences for every feature, benefit and definition you have chosen to include in the comparison.

Compare Retail and Super Premiums

Our premium comparator engine allows you to compare premiums for a retail plan with premiums for a Super Fund in the one report in less than 60 seconds.

Where Unit based cover is provided inside Super the cost is automatically converted to annual premium allowing you to compare retail risk product premiums directly with Unit based cover available inside super.

Anywhere, Anytime

Our online tools are accessed by a simple log-in, and can be accessed from a desktop in your office, or on the go from your phone or tablet.

Legacy Product Research is one click away

We offer a legacy product service providing you with information on products issued back to 1990. This includes Retail Risk, Whole of Life, Endowment, Personal Super and Savings Plans, Insurance Bonds and similar products including wording on Early Termination Charges, Foundation Units and ongoing charges.


Our services are designed to assist users in fulfilling their research compliance requirements. With our comprehensive coverage of all current products and our extensive legacy product database you will be able to quickly and easily access research on any existing products or cover that has been available in the Australian market since 1990. A unique service, only available from DEXX&R.

Quality Research at an Affordable Price

While we provide market leading research tools we understand that you want the best value for money. Our research services are available for up to 60% less than that charged by comparable services. Plus we offer flexible pricing to cater for multiple logins for para-planners and other staff in your practice.

Tailored Research Services

We recognise that research needs and compliance requirements can vary between dealer groups and large practices. We offer customised research for larger dealer groups or practices where their advisers have access to research that is formatted and tailored to the unique requirements of each Dealer Group or large practice.

Contact Us

For more information, to organise a test drive, or for subscription details please contact Paul at or call us on 02 9580 9277.

Risk Product Research Super & Investment Product Research
Benefit Comparators Benefit Comparators
1. Individual Risk Benefit Comparator 1. Personal Superannuation
- Term Life, 2. Employer Superannuation
- TPD, 3. Retirement Incomes (Allocated Pensions)
- Trauma, 4. Retail Investment
- Disability Income, and - Unit Trusts,
- Business Overheads. - Wrap & IDPS, and
2. Personal Super Risk - Investment Bonds.
3. Employer Super Risk PDS Library
PDS Library
Premium Comparator (Individual Risk Only)