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Retirement Incomes Online Tools

Benefits to you

The Retirement Incomes website provides you with frequent product updates and fast turn around time from the date of product release date to the data being available to you .

The website has been designed to be simple to use minimising training requirements. Documents prepared can be saved to the user machine as either PDF or Word documents to facilitate the transfer of data to other documents.



The eDEXX Retirement Incomes Online Service allows access via a subscriber website to the detailed product features, benefits, parameters, investment options, fees and charges, included in public offer and industry fund allocated pension products. The product database includes allocated pensions included in Master Funds and Wrap Accounts.

The site also includes a fee and charge comparator for current products and a PDS Library providing online access to Product Disclosure Documents (PDS) for all current products.

Fee and Charge Comparisons

The Retirement Incomes includes a fee and charge comparator that allows you to model fees and charges using real time values for the initial account balance and annual pension amount.

Fee and Charge Comparisons
The Fee and Charge comparator allows you to run comparisons of fees and charges for each selected product and investment option. The fee and charge comparator allows each comparison to be tailored to your preferred remuneration model inbuilt commissions, or dollar based or percentage service fee option .with rebated built in commission where applicable . The fee and charge comparator is based on a database that includes all product and investment related charges . Each comparison is dynamically generated based on the selected options; it is NOT based on a table of sample calculations.

For more details or to subscribe please contact Paul Duong (Technical Research Manager) 02 9580 9277 or email

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Retirement Incomes

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