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Market Projections Report

Benefits to you

Analysis of the current market and identification of future trends is a critical strategic focus for financial institutions seeking to manage their exposure to market sectors and capitalise on future growth opportunities.

The Market Projections Report responds to this requirement by providing an authoritative and unique resource for companies involved in product manufacture and distribution in the Australian Financial Services Industry.

The Market Projections Report is a comprehensive reference source for all those involved in strategy, product development, research, marketing and sales.

The report contains projections over the next ten years for the non-bank retail and wholesale market sectors including superannuation, retirement incomes and investment. Within each market sector projections are provided for each individual product segment.


The report is divided into eight sections. The following provides an outline of the content of each section.

Section 1 - Overview of the financial services market.
Section 2 - Summarises current trends in financial services market and expected trends over the next ten years.
Section 3 - Provides a summary of key demographic trends that will impact on the financial services market over the next ten years.
Section 4 - Projected Post Retirement market
Section 5 - Projected Superannuation market
Section 6 - Projected Retail Savings & Investment market
Section 7 - Projected Wholesale Savings & Investment market.
Section 8 - Projected Risk market

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