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Life Analysis Report

Benefits to you

The content of the Life Analysis enables you identify the key trends in each life insurance product segment, measure the change over time for the total market and for each life insurance company. You can track changes in new business, in-force business and discontinuances.

The tables show trends at a high level for the product segment and enable you to undertake detailed analysis by drilling down to ordinary and super business and also for investment products by investment class.

The Life Analysis Report provides the most comprehensive coverage of life company business available in the Australian market.

Detailed analysis is facilitated by the provision of all tables in spreadsheet format allowing you to extract and undertake your own analysis without the need to rekey data.

The report is updated quarterly and is based on data collected by DEXX&R from each Life Company.

With the release of the first Life Analysis report in 1989 DEXX&R was the first to make this type if information available on the Australian Life Insurance market and continues to be the leading wholly independent Australian owned research provider.


The Life Analysis report provides tables showing market share data for business written by all Australian Life Offices. It includes tables showing in-force single premiums and in-force and new annual premiums for each of the following product segments:

Single Premium Annual Premium
Total Single Premium Conventional Business
Insurance Bonds Term Life Insurance
Personal Super Savings plans
Immediate Annuities Disability Income
Allocated Annuities Group Risk
Group Investment

In addition the report includes tables showing total assets by Life Company split into investment linked and capital guaranteed business and also split into Ordinary and Superannuation Business. Each table shows the total market and data for each company for each of the past five years.

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Market data

Individual Lump Sum
Individual Disability Incomes
Group Risk

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