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Corporate Profile

DEXX&R is an Australian research company operating in the superannuation, funds management and life insurance industries since 1989. The company provides innovative research services for the Australian Financial Services Industry.

Our research is undertaken by a skilled group of analysts and technical staff. This dedicated team enables us to provide research of the highest standard. Our objective is to provide detailed and accurate research covering all available products in each market segment.

DEXX&R provides comprehensive research covering each major product segment in the funds management, superannuation and life insurance industries. The participants in these industries form our primary client base. We fulfil a unique role within these industries and

  • We value our independence and absence of external share-holders
  • No financial institution has any interest in DEXX&R in any form
  • We are not involved in the sale of any financial services products and we are wholly independent of any dealer group
  • Our research is targeted at institutional and dealer group needs
  • We do not act in a statutory capacity for any life company, friendly society or fund manager
  • We do not recommend products or fund managers or provide financial advice
  • We include every product available in each product segment and do not limit our research to a short list of "approved" products nor do we limit our research to products designed to be sold through the adviser channel.

While we rank products on the basis of benefits, premiums and definitions, the resulting rankings do not constitute recommendations of products or companies.

DEXX&R's Commitment to Clients

DEXX&R will empower you and your team with research information that has depth and integrity. We will equip each member of your team with the specific tools and data to allow them to perform all of the above tasks at a fraction of the cost of replicating this essential service in house. All DEXX&R licences can be tailored as required to allow multiple users as determined by your individual corporate requirements.

DEXX&R welcomes client feedback and continually enhances the products to respond to client needs and the evolving Australian Financial Services Market.

The evolution of the Australian Financial Services Market over the past 18 years has resulted in ever changing Market Segment values. To review the Reports and Tools simply click on the relevant adjacent button.

Copyright DEXX&R, the trading name of RKR Research Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of the data may be reproduced without prior permission of DEXX&R.