Adviser Research Tools

Retail Risk Products

Research or Compare Features, Benefits and Definitions for a variety of Retail Risk Products across the entire market including Death, TPD, Trauma, Disability Income and Business Overheads. Reports easily saved to local machine and ready for use in SOA's.

Super Risk Products

Research or Compare Super Fund Risk Products made up of Group Death, TPD and Disability Income Benefits offered by Personal and Employer Super Funds. Super Risk benefits can be compared with Individual Retail Death, TPD And Income Protection benefits.

Risk Premium Calculator

Compare projected premiums for user selected Retail and Super products in the one report. DEXX&R’s product universe covers all available individual and group policy based super fund products.

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DEXX&R Market Insights

Investment FUM/A and Cashflows by Super and Non-Super investment including Retirement Income.

Total Risk Premium Inforce and New business Quarterly and Yearly by Company and Group.

Forward Projections for the next 10 years for Super, Risk, Retirement incomes, Non Super and more.

Heatmap benchmarking risk pricing for all marget segments against competitors.

Life Company Services

Retail & Super Premium Engine

Compare the rates at age of entry for all products for all ages between 21 and 65 in the one report for a selected scenario or generate a premium quotation for a selected age at policy commencement and projected renewal premiums including all applicable discounts.

Heatmap Benchmarking

Benchmark your products for up to 125,000 unique Premium scenarios with calculated rates for all products. Annual rate per $1,000 sum insured/rate per $100 benefit per month available.

Consulting Services

Tailored consulting based services are available at DEXX&R including reports and advice to meet your specific needs.

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Dealer Groups

Legacy Product Database

Support for authorized representatives to fulfill their research requirements with access to an extensive legacy product database that includes Super and Retail Investment, Retail Risk and Traditional products issued since 1990.

Expert Knowledge

Cost effective support for your authorised representatives with access to our expertise covering product and technical knowledge support complemented your technical support offering.

Adviser Support

We provide ongoing adviser support and training with access to a large database of retail and super risk products and support in optimising advice.

Platforms - API Integration

Seamless Integration

Our API platform is designed with ease of integration in mind, ensuring a seamless assimilation with your existing technological infrastructure. You can focus on what you do best—innovating—while we take care of delivering the raw data insights

Real-Time Data

DEXX&R takes immense pride in providing you with the fuel for your cutting-edge products and services—real-time, accurate, and consolidated datasets including Life Insurance, TPD, Disability, and Trauma information, into a centralized repository through our API platform.

Actionable Insights

API integration of our best in class independent research into your platform offer can be easily transformed into actionable intelligence through advanced analytics tools and customizable dashboards.

Latest Publications

DEXX&R Digest

Monthly Digest with the latest product updates and statistics.

Latest Release:

May 2024 Risk Updates

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Market Share

Total Retail and Wholesale FUM/A increased by 8.1% for year to December 2023

Latest Release:

December 2023 Marketshare Report.

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Life Analysis

Disability Income Sales continue to grow from record lows in 12 months to December 2023

Latest Release:

December 2023 Life Analysis Report.

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Market Projections

APRA Measures - Effect from July 1 2021

Latest Release:

December 2020-2030 Projections Report.

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DEXX&R is a leading Australian Research Company operating in Superannuation, Funds Management and Life Insurance Industries since 1989. DEXX&R provides innovative research services for the Australian Financial Services Industry. Our objective is to provide detailed and accurate research covering all available products in each market segment. We provide comprehensive data and research to better help individuals and organisations make sound decisions.

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