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eDEXX provides subscriber access to DEXX&R online research tools. There are three sites available to advisers:

  • Risk Product Research;
  • Super & Investment Product Research; and
  • Combined Risk and Super & Investment Product Research.
  • *access to all Risk and Super & Investment research tools listed below

For more information and pricing please contact Paul Duong (Technical Research Manager) 02 9580 9277 or The service includes the following:

  • Benefit Comparator (for all market segments listed below) - allowing 3 report styles to be generated and saved on the user's machine as Word or PDF files (include product rankings for the individual risk market).
    1. Summary product profile comparison for up to 6 products (sample report ),
    2. Full product profile comparison for up to 3 products (sample report ), and
    3. A comparison of up to 5 items for all products.
  • PDS Library for (all market segments listed below) - providing advisers access to an extensive database of product disclosure statements and adviser / underwriting guides, which can be downloaded as PDF files to there local machine.
  • Archive service on request for data on legacy products.
  • Premium Comparator (Individual Risk) - a dynamic premium comparator where the user enters their clients detail and has the option to compare up to 3 products. Reports generated can be saved on the user's machine as Word or PDF files. (sample report )

Risk Product Research Super & Investment Product Research
Benefit Comparators Benefit Comparators
1. Individual Risk Benefit Comparator 1. Personal Superannuation
- Term Life, 2. Employer Superannuation
- TPD, 3. Retirement Incomes (Allocated Pensions)
- Trauma, 4. Retail Investment
- Disability Income, and - Unit Trusts,
- Business Overheads. - Wrap & IDPS, and
2. Personal Super Risk - Investment Bonds.
3. Employer Super Risk PDS Library
PDS Library
Premium Comparator (Individual Risk Only)